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Hello! My name is Letitia, and I am a Brooklyn Mom of two girls (16 months apart), a Wife, Sister, and an Academic Librarian. Initially, Brooklyn Cocoa Mommy was created to be a creative outlet and a means to regain my identity and passion for sharing information. After having my children I lost what identity I had and this was translated into the blog. I wanted to do what other mothers were doing and showcase my motherhood journey. I started the blog with no plans, no research, and no goal in mind. I was absolutely mindless which is interesting as I am a librarian. Ten months into it I noticed I wasn’t reaching moms, I wasn’t making the impact I expected, I took a much-needed break. This break lasted longer than I expected, but during this time a rebirth occurred. 

The 1st defining moment and the birth of “the Librarian becomes a Mom”, was when I viewed a virtual doula sharing information that was not only misleading, but damaging, on a viral Instagram post, and I felt obligated to create a platform where one can obtain credible information. Brooklyn Cocoa Mommy is designed to provide unbiased resources on all aspects of issues so that you can make the best decision for you and your family.

The 2nd defining moment, was that I kept seeing images of the glamourous mom or motherhood and felt I was sinking since I couldn’t keep up with the ‘glam’.

There is nothing better than waking up and reading in your inbox that you have helped someone with the information you share. As a librarian, it is my duty to create a roadmap for success. People come to me because they have questions and they have full confidence that as a librarian I have the tools to help them find it. There is nothing better than waking up and reading a message in your inbox that you have helped someone with the information you shared.

During the rebirthing period, the BLM movement erupted due to the death of George Floyd. For me, the deaths of Breonna Taylor and Sh’asia Washington affected me the most. So I dedicate a lot of my social media platform to raise awareness of Black Maternal issues in particular.

So what I thought I was creating for mother’s in general, has now become something created for a community of Cocoa Mothers. Why Cocoa? Because when we think of Black our minds have become trained to think of the negative.  Cocoa is rich, and when you drink it on a cold winter’s day it not only warms the body but the soul as well. The richness of the chocolate sensation gives you that feel-good emotion, which is true Black Motherhood. 

A few things:

  • ☕️My first name ‘aint’ mommy, and if you are a mom, neither is yours! 
  • ☕️Mother is a verb, It’s something you do. Not JUST who you are. We are more than mothers (even if you are a stay-at-home mom) and part of the Brooklyn Cocoa Mommy platform is to help you remember this.  
  • ☕️Brooklyn Cocoa Mommy seeks to forge a sisterhood.  
  • ☕️I’m not an expert in parenting and will never attempt to be. Just like other mothers, I’m in it to survive and do the best that I can with the resources available to me.
  • ☕️I like to be creative and can be quite talkative if we are on the right subject matter.
  • ☕️I am also quite the clown and LOVE taking pictures. 

Interesting facts about me:

  • ☕️I’m an empath and a Leo. I’m also married to a Leo and my girls are Sagittarius and a Taurus.
  • ☕️I was raised by a Narcissist, and learning to reparent myself.
  • ☕️I struggle with establishing boundaries, but working aggressively on learning how to implement them.
  • ☕️You never know what you will get from me, I am animated, sensitive, loving, serious, and silly.
  • ☕️I love going from whoa to WHOA unexpectedly.
  • ☕️I wear my hair short, wigs, and headwraps, and sometimes all in the same day!

Thank you for sipping along and joining the community.

I’m Letitia from Brooklyn, NY, and I’m a Brooklyn Cocoa Mommy, what kind of Cocoa Mommy/Sipper are you?