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  • Brooklyn Cocoa Mommy did a podcast episode with @talkthattalkcast.
☕ I was really nervous so go easy on me... But go check it out.
**** - - - - - - - ***** 🚨New episode 🚨- “A lil’ spanking ain’t never hurt nobody....Or has it?”. In this week’s episode we have our hood psychologist of the week @brooklyn.cocoa.mommy dropping the tea ☕️ on how the the American Academy of Pediatrics supports the efforts to ban corporal punishment a.k.a butt whoopings. She breaks down how the AAP believes that corporal punishment increases aggression in young children in the long run. Do you agree or disagree? Let us know. Check out this episode on Spotify, Sound Cloud, Google Play, and our website (link is in the bio). Don’t forget to leave your feedback ☺️.
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  • Happy 1st day of Spring!!!! I can't believe this day means I will have a 1 year old really soon... I was just pregnant 🤰🏿 with this baby bear 🐻 and was so excited for her to be born to find out if I was gaining another girl or getting 'another' son (bc we all know TJ is my son 🤣😂🤣😂) Miss Lexi you are a Whole Mood and I love it!!!! My Thug Baby, my Sweet One, Sweet Lexi.. Lexi-Saurus
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  • "your never fully dressed without a smile ☺" She got it from her momma. Those of you who know me, know the struggle I've had in my life and although my days can be overwhelming mommying these two girls, working, being a wife and dependable for me friends and family I've never been so happy in my entire life.

My kids AREN'T the reason for my happiness but they are the added bonus to it!!! I'm forever grateful for my trials and tribulations bc they have given me a great perspective on what matters the most in life!!!
  • Happy Pi Day!!! 3.14
#piday #PiDay2019
  • After starting to get a handle on motherhood and only being married for a year and a half at this point... a few weeks after the pictures were taken I found out my sweet CharlieB was going to be a big sister. It was an 'unplanned, planned' thing lol 😂 😂 😂. We got the news we were expecting 3 months earlier than what we planned for. As a matter of fact I think we talked about it and agreed we would start in October, but a week later we were very well expecting lol 😂. But of course the main reason I realized I was pregnant was bc I stared vomiting right away. When the Dr confirmed I was was only 4 weeks pregnant. My Dr and I both know I had a rough journey ahead. Pregnant with HG and trying to care for a baby was very difficult (for me). I'm blessed I had some good support around me and a Dr that was empathetic of my needs.
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  • Happy International Womens Day!!! #internationalwomensday
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  • Dr. Mae Jemison, first African-American female astronaut, made history when she went into orbit aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour on September 12, 1992.

#WomensHistoryMonth #WomensHERstory
  • #WCW!! 🎉It's giveaway time🎉

Women’s HERstory Giveaway

I'm teaming up with @bkkat20 in honor of Women’s History Month to give away Women’s HERstory (history) Month Basket dedicated to ‘Becoming’ (book included) Woman’! (SWIPE TO SEE BASKET DETAILS 😊😊😊) #WomensHistoryMonth #WomensHERstory #Giveaway

To enter to win all you have to do is:
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☕ Subscribe to @Brookly.Cocoa.Mommy blog and leave your ig name/fb name in the comment of the post entitled “An Apple a Day Keeps the Dr away… No Spanking the Dr’s says! 🎉☕🎉
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- BONUS ENTRY for anyone who repost in InstaStory (tagging both @Bkkat20 and @Brookly.Cocoa.Mommy) or in their feed. ☕ Contest will end on March 20th, 2019 11:59 PM EST. ❤️Good luck!! ☕Contest is not sponsored by Instagram and is open to US residents only.
☕ 🥇 Winner 🥇 will be announce on March 31, 2019
  • “An 🍎 Apple 🍏 Day Keeps the Dr Away... No Spanking the Dr Says” ☕ This is the 1st of many research blog post to come.
☕ This one took a little longer than I intended, but I finally got through it.
☕ This is a post I am really passionate about and think that it will prove to valuable resource for you.
☕ Go Check it out!

Link 🔗 in bio

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