CharlieB is 4! Four things My Toddler has Taught Me.

It’s been FOUR YEARS! December 8, 2020, makes 4 years as a mom. Giving birth to her was the scariest experience for me, but it resulted in the best thing ever. In the past, whenever I heard parents say “my child is the best thing that ever happened to me” I thought it was cliche or just an expression used by all parents. Let’s just say I no longer believed it’s cliche and now understand the meaning of it. 

In honor of her 4th birthday, I am sharing 4 things Miss CharlieB has taught me:

LOVE is truly unconditional

Loving someone unconditionally doesn’t come easy for everyone. Toddlers have no problem loving you no matter what. No matter how frustrated I get with them, connecting with them, talking it out, and a few kisses & hugs go a long way. 

Words Matter

A few times I caught myself ready to say “Who the HELL are you talking to?” and then I stop and think, well where did she hear that from. This has caused me to be more intentional in the way I speak, the things I say, and the tone I take with them. If I don’t like how it is said when it comes from their mouth, then they wouldn’t either.

Apologies Matter

Growing up, it was unheard of that an adult apologized to a child. For me, they are tiny humans, and their feelings matter. If I am wrong, even if I was triggered by them, I apologize and only focus on my actions. It helps her feel heard and loved. It is also a way of teaching her the power of an apology, and showing her that I am willing to make it right.

Be One with You

CharlieB, especially, has a strong will and once her mind is made up she will not change it for the world. She is unapologetic and carefree. It can be a challenge for me, but she is a reminder to be myself no matter what.

Madam President (her newest nickname, since she thinks she can do whatever she wants, pray for me) is FOUR. She is Kind, Sassy, Independent, Loving, Carefree, and Opinionated. She knows what she wants and will do whatever it takes to get it. She is definitely a leader, she literally has her whole Pre-K class doing Taco Tuesdays! Sis drove everyone crazy about her birthday for TWO months! Her teachers had to make a special calendar for her at school. I’m not sure if the world is ready for her, but she’s definitely ready to conquer the world!



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